How to Improve Your Dating Service’s Overall Look: Web Design Tips and Advice

Those days when people used to search for a romantic partner in cafes, shops, parks, hobby clubs, and street are long gone. The first dating services appear almost together with the Internet. Today, when the majority of the population has no time even to hang out with their friends, meeting females online is the only possible way for people to work on their relationship. This is why we see so many various dating services available online. Countless amount of dating services helps people to find matches and build their relationships. This all leads to ferocious competition between dating services. 

Consequently, the development of your dating website or app can only be profitable if you can make a competitive offer to your users. The online dating market is overfilled with various services that offer their users help in finding soulmates. Advanced matching algorithms, large databases, and built-in messengers are not going to surprise anyone, because those are the minimum required to be competitive in the modern dating market. In our times, the majority of dating services are pretty good at their job. All those apps and websites have nice algorithms and truly help their users to find matches. However, some of those apps are much more popular than others.

What makes some dating apps more popular?

Some may say that successful advertisement campaigns make dating products popular. Those people are right, but this is not the whole truth. You see, if your dating service is great at finding matches, has a nice ad campaign, but looks terrible, then you will lose all those attracted by nice add users. Consequently, to ensure the high competitiveness of your dating service, you must pay a lot of attention to its overall look.

Ways to improve your dating service’s overall look

Assuming that your dating service has already been tested and it works well, we are going to share with you the best ways to improve its overall design to make it better than your competitors. Remember, when it comes to the design of your dating service, even the smallest things are no small matters.

  1. Pay attention to your sign-up screen

The sign-up screen is the first thing that your users see when they decide to use your website or app. As you know, modern users are not very patient people, and they expect that registration won’t take a lot of their time. Thus, you need to rework your registration screen to make it look simple. To do this, collect only essential for registration information.

  • Use a design Grid

When you are working on your layout design, it is always better to use a grid. Your users won’t see it, but it will help you to keep the layout of your website or app organized and neat. This is crucial for user-friendliness.

  • Prioritize scrolling over taps/clicks

This is especially true for smartphones. Every time, when your users have to tap/click on something, they will have to spend additional time to wait while everything downloads. Just make sure that scrolling works smooth and fast.

  • Avoid tabs, sliders, and accordions

Those are simply annoying because one wrong tap can ruin everything for your user. The majority of people hate to make extra clicks or taps to get to dating. Thus, your task is to keep the design simple without excessive things.

  • Don’t use complicated animations, stocky images, and ambiguous terminology

The first one just makes your service heavy, both when it comes to internet traffic and processing power. The second two look more like an advertisement. Remember, there is no place for self-advertisement in your dating service. Those who have already joined your service should see the effectiveness of your service on real matches they get.